Gelee Royal aktiv-drink is a biological supplementary food made from the bee substance royal jelly (secretion of young bees), biologically processed wide-range pollen, honey and entire extract of wheat germs. These compounds are dissolved in orange juice.

Recurrent situations of stress, pressure of business, too short and rare phases of restoration, lack of exercise, wrong nutrition, psychological strain and fear more often lead to physical and mental impairment. These factors accelerate the physiological aging of the body. Gelee Royal aktiv-drink provides the body with high-quality nutrients and thus increases its resistance in a natural way.

1 drink
bottle of Gelee Royal aktiv drink  at 10 ml contains dissolved in orange juice:
2.000 mg pollen extract
1.500 mg bee honey
5.0 mg wheat germ extract
500 mg royal jelly


Recommended daily intake :
1 bottle morning taking sips .
The stated recommended daily dose should not be exceeded. Shake well before consumption. Turbidity and bottom set are a sign of quality and have no influence on the quality of the product. Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Store the product out of the reach of small children.
Storage: Keep away from direct sunlight: Store at room temperature.

 It should be noted that there may be a hypersensitivity in allergic patients on revenues of wheat germ extract, royal jelly, bee pollen and honey.


Nutritional Information:

                                                                        pro 100 ml                   10 ml    

Energy                                                  kJ            980                        98          

                                                               Kcal       230                        23          

Fats                                                       g              1,5                          0,15       

Carbohydrates                                    g              51                           5,1         

Suger                                                     g              0,8                          <0,1       

Proteins                                                 g              0,8                          <0,1       

Salt                                                        g              0                             0            


Allergen information: This product contains allergenic ingredients to be labeled according to Regulation (EU) Nr.1169 / 2011, which can trigger an allergy or intolerance reactions. Contains wheat germ extract


Ingredients: water, orange juice concentrate, bee pollen extract, bee honey, royal jelly, wheat germ extract , vitamin C, preservative sodium benzoate, acid malic acid, sweeteners sucalose


This product is produced under sanitary conditions, in accordance with the determination of our HACCP concept, as well as GMP and ISO 9001-2008 . It will be used exclusively raw materials with specified food quality. It does not use genetically modified organisms, nano-materials and hormones. There are no pesticides available and it is free from TSE/BSE.