WOLTING GmbH is a family owned company in Dietzenbach, Germany, which was founded 1982.


Meanwhile we are grown to an important German manufacturer of liquid supplementary food, nutrition food and vitamin products. Our production process complies with strict international standards such as GMP license and DIN-ISO 9001:2015.

 We can offer glass bottles or  PET bottles in 10 ml and 25 ml.


Premium Halal Collagen drinks and powder as: C4DERM collagen, C4HAIR collagen and C4JOINTS collagen


Omega 3 drink, Vitamin B 12 drink, Royal Jelly aktiv drink and

C4ENER V drink



As a contract manufacturer every effort at WOLTING GmbH relates to the needs and requirements of our customers. Please do not hesitate asking for your private formula or package.